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Billing & Fee Philosophy  

I believe in maximizing the client’s value and being upfront about costs.  This firm was established with the intention of using technology to minimize costs.  This means we do things a little differently than traditional law firms, but ensures you the customer-client is provided with a high quality of service at a reasonable cost.

Our retainer agreement provides a clear statement of costs and fees.  We use a process called hybrid billing, which means that most of our legal services will be billed on a flat fee basis, giving you certainty as far as costs.  Prior to retaining this office you may request our retainer contract to review.

Moreover, on the following matters, the firm offers a lowest-price guarantee:

  • Real Estate

  • Incorporation

  • Estate Administration

*If you find a lower price for the same services within our market-area, we will match it with a 10% discount.


Most matters do not require a payment of retainer.  However, family law, civil litigation matters and criminal law matters require a minimum retainer.  We are flexible is arranging for payment of the retainer, contact us for details.


Accommodated Retainer.  In special circumstances, we offer a service we call “Accommodated Retainer”: this is a retainer for persons who cannot afford the basic retainer and would otherwise be unable to hire a lawyer or qualify for Legal Aid.

Since this is law office, the above is of course subject to Terms & Conditions. Click here for details.

Transfer your file

Transferring a file from one law office to another is not complicated.  Any matter from corporate to debt-collection to family law can be transferred.

The client is entitled to their file, less any of the lawyer’s notes and certain other documents.  If there are no funds owing on the file, you can transfer the file at any time.  If you would like to transfer your file to our office, please email us with the subject "File Transfer" and we will provide all the necessary forms to expedite transfer to our office.

In the event that funds are owing on your file, the other lawyer may claim a solicitor’s lien.  This means they can withhold the file until you have paid the bill.  In certain circumstances, I can discuss arrangements with the lawyer.  Otherwise, there are alternative options, which we can review.

If you choose to transfer any of the following files:

  • Corporation or commercial file

  • Debt Collection file

  • Will

We will pay the postage or similar fees for the transfer. 

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