Family Law

Alternatives to Litigation: 

I highly encourage collaborative or joint resolutions to separation, divorce, custody, access and support issues.  Therefore, I focus on the following services:

  • Inter-spousal Agreements

  • Pre-Nuptial Agreement

  • Separation Agreements

  • Joint Divorce


I can work with both parties on a joint retainer or represent one party as part of this process.    Ideally, a comprehensive arrangement can be achieved which will satisfactory to both parties at a fraction of the cost of litigation.

I charge fees for the above services on a flat-fee and hybrid basis.  You may request a full schedule of the fees.  The basis for flat fees are dependent on the type and amount of work required on each file.


Litigation may be required in many family law matters.  The breakdown of a marriage or disputes relating to division of property, custody and care of the children can be contentious. 


I do take litigation files, however, due to the amount of work required with these matters, I only take files on the following conditions: a minimum retainer of $2,000 (although at times an Accommodated Retainer may be available), and I only take a certain number of litigation files at a time.

However, please contact me if you wish to discuss further, particularly if you require assistance.  The consultation is free.


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