Secure Transactions & Debt Collection

One area of focus for our firm is debt collection and security agreements.  Saskatchewan has a modern and sophisticated civil claims process and judgment enforcement regime. 


Relevant legislation includes The Personal Property Security Act, The Enforcement of Money Judgments Act, The Builder’s Liens Act, The Commercial Liens Act and The Saskatchewan Farm Security Act. 


Our services include:

  • Security Agreements

  • Judgment enforcement

  • Civil actions in Small Claims or the Court of Queen’s Bench

  • Debt collection

  • Commercial Liens

  • Builder’s Liens

  • Registration of Interests and Searches


Security Agreement

The best defense is a good offense: a security agreement is a business’s best resource against debt.  Under Saskatchewan law, a security agreement can be worked into most commercial documents or provided in a simple form, for execution by the customer.  The agreement gives you the same rights as if you have had a judgment from the Court: so you can skip the costs and time of a lawsuit and go directly to collecting what’s owed.

Civil Actions


The firm handles civil litigation, either plaintiff actions or defense.  Depending on the amount of claim, you can proceed through Small Claims or the Court of Queen’s Bench.   The firm offers a fee structure for claims: for most plaintiff claims, we will accept a basic retainer and a contingent retainer based upon the final award.

Debt Collection


Are you owed money and you have a judgment or security agreement?  The firm can assist in collection and enforcement.

Builder’s and Commercial Liens. Commercial liens and builder’s liens are special options available.  If applicable, the firm can assist with these matters.

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